May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Monday, September 27, 2010


Maybe I'm weird, maybe it's just me.

Maybe I easily warm up to genuinely friendly people.

Maybe sometimes I don't notice right away if they are going to be the unpopular ones. 

Maybe there's something that went on in the past that I don't know about between them and someone else, I can understand that.

Maybe I just care about them and want them to know the truth. 

Maybe the world would be a better place and Christians wouldn't have such a bad name if we actually tried to reach out to people. 

Even if they're unpopular. 

Even if we dislike them.

Unfortunately if ever I point a finger I have four pointing back at myself. It's easy to see your sins when you notice them somewhere else besides in yourself.

Maybe if we could all just learn that our dislike of someone isn't nearly as important as their future. Sometimes it's really hard, but that doesn't really make it any less necessary.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Middle of the Road

I like lots of things in-between.

Maybe this is because I'm indecisive, and I want to enjoy everything. For instance, I like the weather to be hovering somewhere between 65-75 degrees. I don't mind hot, not so much. But sometimes you just want hoodie weather. And I quickly get tired of our half-a-year Ohio winters. Middle ground weather is good. (If only it would last for more than 2 months...)

I also like in-between education. When I (hopefully) have children I know I'll be more of a middle-ground homeschooler. Not the let's-sit-at-a-desk-in-one-room rigid type nor the hey-you're-a-smart-kid-you-can-study-whatever-you-want "unschooler," (yes that's a legit term) but somewhere in between. Eclectic is the word...

Sometimes though part of me is prone to extremes. Ever have trouble saying no? I tend to get myself into a lot of things and overestimate my ability to "do it all." (As I said before, I want to enjoy everything.)

Another extreme is worry. Give me something to worry about and I'm all over it; at least when it concerns something very close or important to me. Something I've dreamed about for years may not be happening, someone I care about may be in danger. Someone is not acting the way they are supposed to! Someone who needed me to do something is put out because I said no to doing it, someone I need to get along with might be upset with me for something I said just because I said it at the wrong time in maybe the wrong tone of voice!! AHH!! You get the picture.

I've noticed many things with God require this kind of balance too. Somewhere between paranoia and a lethargic attitude is a line called Trust. Somewhere between laziness and frantic scrambling is a place of satisfying service. And somewhere between legalism (following rules simply to "earn" favor with God and the community) and licentiousness (that thought where you can do whatever feels good because, hey, I have freedom in Christ, right?) is this way of life called Grace. It's in-between; It's middle of the road. It's hard to find sometimes. But it's the best.